Working in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

An inpatient rehabilitation facility helps patients suffering from a variety of diseases and injuries as they regain their independence and return home.

What is inpatient rehabilitation?

An inpatient rehabilitation facility is best for intensive, multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation. In these facilities, the commitment to assisting patients in gaining independence in their daily activities is much more of a collaborative effort. That’s, close coordination among all clinicians working in inpatient rehabilitation can be critical in addressing underlying conditions for patients.

What’s it like to work in an inpatient rehabilitation facility?

Working in an inpatient setting primarily means assisting patients, whether children or older adults, in becoming as self-reliant as possible in their daily routines once they return home or into a lower-level care facility.

You will find a safe and friendly environment in an inpatient rehabilitation facility that enables patient recovery. The sort of treatment offered and the intensity level vary depending on each patient’s specific needs.

As inpatient rehabilitation personnel, you should expect to work closely with a wide range of patients and their caregivers, as well as other clinicians, to deliver high-quality care. Your job will also extend outside the hospital by ensuring that caregivers are adequately trained to support patients after their discharge.

Unlike outpatient rehabilitation, which requires a series of clinical appointments, inpatient rehabilitation allows patients to stay until their treatment is completed. Individuals referred to inpatient rehabilitation centers receive extensive rehabilitative care from a tightly coordinated interdisciplinary team of rehabilitative experts.

Who works at an inpatient rehabilitation center?

The number and type of professionals in each inpatient rehabilitation facility can vary, but it often includes a team of:

  • Nurses: These personnel mostly conduct rehabilitation nursing to assist patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Nurses also assist clients in adjusting to their new way of life while offering a therapeutic atmosphere for patients and family members.
  • Therapists: Physical, speech and occupational therapists work to help patients recover. In general, therapists design and carry out personalized treatment plans.
  • Other health specialists: This includes other clinicians who play an important role in providing care tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

Working in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, regardless of profession, is a collaborative effort to help patients achieve rehabilitation and return to their normal functioning.

What kinds of treatment will I provide?

The primary goal of rehabilitative treatment is to help patients achieve the highest possible level of independence.

Here are some of the treatments you can provide in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, depending on your role and area of expertise:

  • Speech-Language Therapy: speech, communication, and swallowing issues.
  • Occupational Therapy: fine motor skills, balance, and daily living skills
  • Cognitive Recovery: memory and cognitive skills.
  • Vocational Recovery: preparation to return to work following a medical event or injury.
  • Respiratory Treatment: reducing respiratory discomfort, maintaining open airways, and, if needed, learning how and when to use inhalers and supplementary oxygen correctly.
  • Physical Therapy: customized exercises to help patients regain stability, functional capacity, movement, while also reducing pain.

What qualifications do I need to work in inpatient rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation clinics require you to be a licensed nurse, therapist, or clinician with a degree in that area. You’ll also need to complete any required assessments and continuing education opportunities.

Working at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital requires excellent communication skills, lots of empathy, physical endurance, and professionalism. Above all, you must be a team player.

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