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  • A Day in the Life of a Rehabilitation Nurse


    Rehabilitation nurses are on the frontlines of helping people recover from a debilitating illness or injury that makes it challenging or even impossible to perform their typical daily functions. From assisting patients with learning how to perform routine tasks for themselves once again to lending encouragement and support to families, rehab nurses like those at Brooks Rehabilitation provide crucial care and expertise during every step of the treatment process.

    Day in the Life of a Nurse
  • Nursing Career Advancement Opportunities at Brooks


    At Brooks Rehabilitation, we offer our nurses numerous career advancement opportunities, including in rehabilitative and physical therapy careers, physical therapy nursing jobs, rehabilitation therapy positions, and many more. Read on to learn more about Brooks Rehabilitation, and our career advancement opportunities for nurses.

    Nursing Career Advancement at Brooks
  • Interview Process for Hiring Nurses

    Even for most veteran nurses, nursing interviews can be a source of stress, and attending a nursing interview can feel daunting. It is essential to be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge, training, experience, and skills during the interview.

    Interview Process for Hiring Nurses

Why Choose Nursing at Brooks?


We empower our employees to fulfill our mission of helping patients reach their highest level of recovery. As a leader in rehabilitation care in Florida, our innovative system of care allows us to provide world-class care solutions for our patients and wonderful opportunities for professional growth and development for our staff.

Join our team and be a part of our dedicated nursing staff, where you will have a profound impact on patients’ lives. Our nursing roles are integral in helping patients achieve maximum independence and self-sufficiency. At Brooks Rehabilitation, you will find a nurturing career path that values your expertise, encourages professional growth, and provides a supportive environment for both our patients and nursing staff.

Rehab nurse technician holds patients hand

Why should I work as a rehab nurse?

If you’re first embarking on your nursing career, or if you’re considering a change in your nursing specialization, there’s never been a better time to consider the rewarding career of rehabilitation nursing. If you love collaborating with a team, are inspired to keep learning, and aren’t afraid to take on a leadership role when it comes to your patients’ care, rehab nursing might be the perfect next step in your career.

Keep reading “Why Should I Work as a Rehab Nurse?” and “What Sets Rehabilitation Nursing Apart?” to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming a rehab technician, visit “What to Expect as a Rehab Tech Nurse.”

What’s it like to work at Brooks?

Rehabilitation nursing can be an exceptionally rewarding path for a medical professional. As a rehabilitation nurse, you will have the opportunity to play a robust role in your patients’ healing. If doctors and patients are the major players on the mainstage of professional healthcare, nurses are the stage managers, light designers, and supporting cast. Nurses are the friendly faces and steady hands of health care and without them the experience of creating healthy lives would be cold, sterile and ultimately unsuccessful.

Keep reading “Behind-the-Scenes of Nursing at Brooks” and “Working as a Nurse at Brooks” to learn more.

Where do Brooks nurses work?

Rehab nurses can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, community and home health settings, and in dedicated rehabilitation centers or hospitals. Rehab nurses work with patients recovering from chronic illness or injury over weeks or even months as patients regain function and independence.

Our nursing home care network offers the chance to positively impact our elderly, whether you are a fresh nursing graduate with a particular fondness for working with the elderly or a seasoned nurse seeking a shift of pace from the hospital setting.

Check out “Where Do Brooks Nurses Work?” and “The Role of Nurses in Nursing Homes” to learn more.

What’s the transition to practice nursing program?

This six-month residency is a structured, immersive learning experience that supports a precepted clinical orientation alongside the support of selected mentors. Read on to learn more about this residency.

Continuing education for nurses

After earning a nursing degree, your education as a nurse does not stop. This is because the profession is constantly moving forward as new procedures, methods, and approaches to medicine change as medical researchers make new discoveries. Knowing how much the medical field evolves, many state boards of nursing insist on continuing education (CE) to keep nursing licenses valid, ensuring their state’s nurses are up-to-date on the field’s best practices.

Visit “Continuing Education for Nurses” to read more about CE opportunities at Brooks. Check out “How COVID-19 Changed Nursing School” for even more information.

What is the interview process like for hiring nurses?

Even for most veteran nurses, nursing interviews can be a source of stress, and attending a nursing interview can feel daunting. It is essential to be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge, training, experience, and skills during the interview.

Keep reading “What Is the Interview Process Like for Hiring Nurses?” to learn more.


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Stories about working as a nurse at Brooks directly from our own staff.
  • Nursing Careers at Brooks Rehabilitation


    At Brooks, our bedside rehabilitation nurses collaborate with their peers and leadership from all disciplines acting as key drivers dedicated to improving outcomes and the patient experience. Not only is the role of the rehabilitation nurse to help patients reach their highest level of recovery and restore independence; but they also act as an advocate, educator and caregiver.

  • Rehabilitation Nursing


    Our nurses at Brooks Rehabilitation lead with passion and are committed to excellence. They offer mission-driven, patient-centered care. Rehabilitation nurses make a difference in the lives of our patients, their families and our employees. They are servant leaders, working together to provide the best patient care.

  • Career Growth


    Nurses at Brooks are offered several career growth opportunities from the moment they walk through the door. With supporting managers and executive leaders, nurses at Brooks are given many avenues to excel and grow within their roles.

  • Culture & Reputation


    At Brooks, you are not just another number. You are a part of a team and a family. The relationships our nurses form with our patients, their families and fellow employees are critical to our success.

  • Mission & Patient Care


    The Mission at Brooks Rehabilitation is to empower people to achieve their highest level of recovery and participation in life through excellence in rehabilitation. Our nurses are a critical element in enabling the best outcome for our patients. They are a part of the recovery journey from the very beginning.

Podcast on Nursing at Brooks

  • Podcast Ep. #17: Rehabilitation Nursing at Brooks


    On this episode we talk all about rehabilitation nursing! We are joined by our SVP of Nursing, Joanne Hoertz as well as physicians, therapists and nurses to help paint the picture on how Brooks Rehabilitation approaches patient care through nursing.

    Podcast Episode 17

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