Nursing Career Advancement Opportunities

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we offer our nurses numerous career advancement opportunities.

Nursing is an ever-changing field of practice, and there is much more you need to learn after earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to continue advancing in your chosen career while continuing to give the best possible care to your patients. One of the most satisfying elements of the nursing field is its inherent opportunities to never stop learning as you gain experience and continue to reap the rewards of satisfaction and success.

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we offer our nurses numerous career advancement opportunities, including in rehabilitative and physical therapy careers, physical therapy nursing jobs, rehabilitation therapy positions, and many more. Read on to learn more about Brooks Rehabilitation, and our career advancement opportunities for nurses.

Rehabilitation Nursing Jobs

A rehab nurse is primarily responsible for improving the lives of patients or other individuals experiencing chronic illness or significant injury. They achieve this through closely monitoring vital signs among their patients, recording patients’ updates, counseling patients and families, and managing individual patient cases.

A rehab nurse also plays another significant role in providing education to patients and other communities. This means that if you aspire to become a rehab nurse, having superb communication skills will be an added advantage. You may also be assigned to educate other healthcare professionals on providing quality care to patients in rehab.

Brooks Rehabilitation offers rehab nurses multiple career opportunities, including working as:

Our RNs work following our standards, policies, and procedures. Their central role is nursing care planning and management of the facilities’ residents. CNAs work under the supervision of our nurses, and they are responsible for providing direct or indirect patient care.

LPNs at Brooks Rehabilitation are responsible for performing nursing functions under the supervision of an RN. The LPNs must participate in care planning, follow the care plans, and achieve their duty according to the rehab’s policy and Florida state law.

Most of our junior or less experienced nurses work under the supervision of our experienced RNs. Brooks Rehabilitation is dedicated to empowering and mentoring our nurses so that they can fulfill the mission of assisting patients in attaining their highest possible level of recovery. We wish for our nurses to gain the knowledge and experience they need to, in turn, build a long and successful career in nursing.

Our Company Culture


To achieve their mission, workers at Brooks Rehabilitation are committed to functioning as a team. Collaboration and support enable our workers to produce optimal outcomes, and make it easy to find solutions to any emerging potential issues. Everyone at Brooks Rehabilitation is given equal opportunity, and our primary goal is excellent results.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

We value, respect, and appreciate all our employees, regardless of their role. Creating the best possible working environment helps our employees focus on providing top-notch health care to our patients. To that end, we have created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council that helps ensure that we’re constantly improving employee connection and competency. The Council comprises multiple employees with diverse backgrounds, positions, and life experiences from across the spectrum of Brooks Rehabilitation staff, providing a variety of voices to support its mission and principles.


Another key value among our employees is innovation. Brooks Rehabilitation’s company-wide dedication to working on the cutting edge of therapy medicine and management helps the workers develop new ideas that often lead to new solutions. This open-minded approach also enables our staff to develop new ways to improve the quality of patient outcomes, employee engagement, and the community at large.


Our commitment to accountability demands that we not only work closely and develop substantial relationships with our patients, but also honor their own commitments to their health and recovery. Their treatment is our reputation, and all Brooks Rehabilitation patients should also expect compassionate care, as well as timely responses and follow-up when receiving treatment from our teams and facilities.

Equal opportunity

The Brooks Rehabilitation culture allows employees to explore multiple experiences within the rehabilitation medicine industry, and each staff member is given an equal opportunity to grow to higher positions throughout their career. Recent nursing school graduates who join us will be gratified and motivated to find that many of our senior team members have been working and growing with Brooks Rehabilitation for decades!

Career Growth at Brooks Rehabilitation

While working as a nurse, it’s not just gratifying to find ways to advance your career professionally — it’s critical to the sense of care and duty that lead many to the profession in the first place. It would be best to always look for new opportunities and knowledge to improve continuously. It’s no secret that one of the ways to grow your nursing career is by earning an advanced degree. While you can certainly land a job after completing your nursing diploma, it’s never a bad idea to strive to get an advanced degree in order to seek advanced placement and the responsibility, benefits and satisfaction that accompany such achievement.

Certifications and specializations

Earning a surgical nursing certification or status as a registered nurse will help you develop new skills and exhibit your qualifications for advanced positions. To acquire specialized nursing certifications, you must complete specific exams and meet various requirements.

Another way to more easily develop a solid nursing career trajectory is by selecting and aiming for a specialization. This helps you to further refine your skills in a certain discipline, and improve your performance in that discipline’s specific needs. While working, training and becoming ever more certified in your chosen field, you will gain more experience, and be more qualified for advanced positions in the future.

You can also change your field of specialization, particularly if you have reached the highest levels possible, but you still feel you want to achieve more. Nursing is one of the careers that has incredible abilities for professional advancement, and there are multiple exciting fields that you can explore.

Additional responsibilities

Taking on extra responsibilities is also vital if you seek career growth as a nurse. Most people earn promotions after showing that they have the potential to take on roles in addition to their expected and allocated responsibilities. Requesting more accountability and leadership shows that desire, and can handle the tasks that come with a more advanced position.

Find a mentor

Finding a nursing mentor will also significantly help you advance your nursing career. It is essential to have someone you can consult with, seek advice, and learn from to navigate your nursing career more confidently. Additionally, a mentor can introduce you to a network, or provide a professional reference that you can use while seeking graduate program applications or future jobs. Employment as a nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation can open you to a completely new world of mentorship and professional networking opportunities.

Continued growth

Brooks Rehabilitation offers nurses numerous opportunities for career growth as soon as they start working. The different options offered at Brooks can help unlock the potential for a long, fruitful and satisfying career in helping others. Most of our nurses started as certified nurses, and through our support, they have grown to become certified rehabilitation nurses.

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