Working as a Nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation

As a rehabilitation nurse, you will have the opportunity to play a robust role in your patients’ healing.

Brooks Rehabilitation is seeking exceptional nurses looking for career opportunities who believe in our mission and share our values. Each year, Brooks will treat more than 60,000 patients in its system, and we proudly employ over 2,500 clinicians and staff across Florida.

Brooks operates three rehabilitation hospitals – two in Jacksonville and one in Daytona Beach – as well as a number of other facilities across the state. These include home health care, outpatient services, assisted living, physician services, and ongoing recovery. Brooks also operates the Clinical Research Center, which specializes in research on strokes, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Nursing Positions at Brooks Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation nursing can be an exceptionally rewarding path for a medical professional. As a rehabilitation nurse, you will have the opportunity to play a robust role in your patients’ healing. Unlike shorter-term care facilities, patients have the chance to build trust and develop a connection with you, and you will be able to play a direct role in their transformation.

Types of Nursing Positions at Brooks Rehab

We offer a wide variety of career paths for nurses at Brooks. If you do not see your ideal position on our job board, please submit your resume to our talent community so you can be considered for openings as they become available.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide direct or indirect patient care under the supervision of a nurse. The CNA serves as an invaluable link between a patient and the rest of their healthcare team.

Licensed Practical Nurse

A Licensed Practical Nurse performs nursing functions under the direction of a registered nurse, follows the plans of care, participates in care planning, and performs nursing actions in accord with company policy and Florida state law.

Registered Nurse

The Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for the nursing care planning and management of residents. You will oversee LPNs and CNAs while assisting in strategic operations and patient care.

Nurse Technician

If you’re enrolled in our Nursing Residency Program, and you have completed your nursing degree but not yet taken the NCLEX, there may be opportunities for you to work as a nurse technician. See more about our residency program below.

Nursing Residency Program

The Brooks Nursing Residency Program is a 13-week residency that consists of additional in-person classroom activities and simulation experiences. Subject matter experts from across the Brooks system will discuss topics and oversee shadow experiences in:

The residency is structured to strengthen skills learned throughout nursing school in order to prepare the new graduate for real-world care. Each resident is paired with a skilled nurse to ensure a thorough orientation. Upon graduation, you will also be assigned a mentor and peer mentor.

Administration and Other Specializations

Beyond the broader nursing categories, there are a variety of ways to specialize at Brooks, or even transition into an administrative role. For instance, our Nursing Liaison Managers work on strategic planning, account management, and marketing. Wound care nurses specialize in skin disorders, and traveler nurses play a much-needed role in filling staffing gaps.

Benefits of a Nursing Career at Brooks

Brooks nurses have more than just a job. With a wide range of positions and specialties, as well as opportunities for advancement, you’ll find a supportive environment that rewards growth, development, and continual learning. You will work closely with other skilled professionals, build strong rapport with patients, and receive crucial support from our administrative structure.

Company Culture

At Brooks, we value our reputation as an outstanding place to work. We believe in accountability, compassion, ongoing learning, innovation, and teamwork. Our administrators are deeply invested in quality patient care, from direct nurse supervisors all the way up to our CEO, Douglas Baer, who plays an active role in daily operations. We pride ourselves on providing our nurses with exceptional support, state-of-the-art facilities, opportunities for career advancement, and a tight-knit community of professionals.

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