What to Expect as a Rehab Nurse Tech

Just as “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a full complement of trained and dedicated staff to help a patient who’s suffered a debilitating illness or injury to regain their independence.

Like doctors, nurses and physical therapists, rehabilitation nurse technicians are an integral part of that team. These committed professionals are critical to the conception, implementation and evaluation of a patient’s course of treatment, and the satisfaction they receive from playing a crucial role in an individual’s recovery can’t be measured in dollars or accolades.

What is a Rehabilitation Nurse Technician?

A rehabilitation nurse technician is a registered nurse (RN) who works directly under the supervision of a physical therapist. Most of their roles revolve around improving the patient’s general health by creating and monitoring a program by which they can regain a sense of independence through actions such as mobility practice. Nurse technicians serve to assist licensed nurse practitioners.

The scope of operation for these nurses is not just limited to rehabilitation centers, but rather extends to several other healthcare provision facilities. Although they also wear scrubs like most other nurses, they are not required to take on the same tasks as other nurses as they are not expected or required to take on any clinical responsibilities. However, they serve the same primary purpose: providing aid, comfort and care to their patients.

Rehabilitations centers are especially in need of a number of nurse technicians. This is because, in rehabilitation centers, each patient’s needs are unique, as are their triggers. Recovering while in rehab also takes place in stages, so it’s imperative for patients to receive premium care. Having one or two nurses keeping track would be overwhelming and exhausting.

Regardless of the rehabilitation facility where a patient is receiving care, nurse technicians are often advised and skilled to have the ability to communicate clearly with their patients, without any intrusions or obstacles. Some of the other skills that nurse technicians need to be skilled in are problem solving, the ability to remain calm and rational in all situations, and the ability to multitask and maintain their patients as the number-one priority throughout their treatment period.

Rehab Nursing Technician Patient Care Responsibilities

The primary role of nurse technicians is to ensure that patients are well taken care of during their daily routines. That’s why some of the best qualities a nurse technician can exhibit are fast and reliable problem-solving skills, strong communication skills, and an unquestionable work ethic. During the delivery of patient care, a rehab nurse tech is bound to ensure several roles have been filled and completed. The highest possible quality of care can be achieved by attending to the patient with attention to detail in all areas of responsibility, including:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Feeding and toileting
  • Keeping track of vitals
  • Recording and reporting any health changes

As with all other nursing roles, patient care is always both the rehab nurse tech’s number-one priority and primary responsibility.

Rehab Nurse Technician Duties

There are several duties that come along with being a rehabilitation nurse technician regarding the patients’ particular physical therapy programs, as well. The most fundamental of these, of course, is that they provide the basic care to patients, with knowledge and compassion, under the supervision of their assigned physical therapist or nurse practitioner. The duties of a rehab nurse technician include, but are not limited to;

  • Preparing equipment for therapy
  • Executing the physical therapist’s routine aspects
  • Performing various physical therapy exercises with patients
  • Keeping accurate and legible health condition records
  • Managing the interactive social trends of the patients
  • Transferring of residents

As a rehab nurse technician, you will have the opportunity to spend plenty of quality time with your patients. You will therefore have an opportunity to explain to the clients, clearly, honestly and rationally, why they need your help, and how your help is valuable to their improving health and continued recovery. You will also be entrusted with the patient’s private medical information, and the responsibility that comes with that confidence. Many rehab nurse technicians become more than assistants, instructors and cheerleaders to their patients — they become advisors, confidants, friends.

Nursing Technician Jobs at Brooks Rehabilitation

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We strive to provide a collaborative and supportive working environment, and offer not only competitive salaries and flexible schedules, but also opportunities for advancement through our tuition assistance program.

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