Top 10 Reasons to Work at Brooks Rehabilitation

There are many reasons to join the Brooks Rehabilitation team. Learn more about our new graduate and visa sponsorship opportunities.

Brooks Rehabilitation is a nonprofit organization with a mission of helping patients achieve their highest level of recovery from conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. The primary secrets of our success are our adoption of innovative technology in treatments, and our commitments to excellence.

There are many reasons why anyone considering a career in the physical therapy industry might want to join our team. Here are 10 great ones, including information about our visa sponsorship career opportunities.

Why You Should Work at Brooks Rehab

In addition to joining one of the best and most effective teams in rehabilitative therapy, you could also enjoy the following benefits of embarking on your career with Brooks Rehab.

1. New Graduate Nursing Jobs

If you are a new nursing graduate, one of the things you are looking forward to is landing a new job. You also have probably heard claims that there is a nursing shortage in the United States, and because of this, you are highly confident of landing a job soon.

You should know that the nursing shortage is expected to be exacerbated not only by COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the increased number of workers retiring from the nursing force, and the increase in the number of the aging population (baby boomers) joining the Medicare program. But even given these opportunities, you might still experience difficulty landing a nursing job, as such worker shortages tend to be location-based.

The nursing shortage includes all nursing specialties, not just those working in acute care settings. Most registered nurses, or RNs, work at acute care hospitals. Most new graduates also aim to work in these settings, which makes the market highly competitive.

As a new nursing graduate, one of the ways to increase your chances of being hired is through networking, if possible, while still in school. You should also consider acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree certificate if you don’t have one. At Brooks Rehab, we offer new registered nurses opportunities to work with us, network and enhance their skills.

2. Sponsorship for Employment Visa Status

One of the main ways foreign-born nurses and physical therapists can acquire a working status and job profile within the U.S. is through visa sponsorship. With the present shortages in the healthcare industry, registered nurses and physical therapists from foreign countries have high chances of entering the country and working as lawful permanent residents by obtaining a Green Card status.

The U.S. Department of Labor lists nursing as a Schedule A occupation, and the advantage of this is that the lengthy procedure and the expensive Labor Certification Process are shortened. If an employer is willing to sponsor the employment of a foreign nurse or physical therapist, they must apply for an employment-based visa through the following process:

  • The employer should first test the local market for available qualified workers by filing a Labor Certification for employment with the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • If no suitable response or qualified workers are available, the organization can agree that no U.S. citizen was equipped to be hired for the post, and the vacancy can be opened to foreign workers.
  • The employer then registers with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This involves filing an I-140 Alien Petition to justify that the employee is well qualified, and verify that the employee is eligible for visa sponsorship.
  • Lastly, the foreign nurse or physical therapist should apply for an immigrant visa at a U.S. embassy. Foreign workers legally working in the U.S. can alternatively apply for permanent resident status, or apply for the I-140 on their own.

At Brooks Rehab, we consider and offer sponsorship assistance to foreign nurses and physical therapists.

3. Employment in a Growth Industry

As previously stated, America is in the midst of a nursing shortage brought on by both the number of baby boomers entering old age and the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects that the physical therapy industry will grow 21 percent between 2020 and 2030, a statistic deemed much faster than the average growth rate for any occupation.

Even in general terms, most areas of the medical field are continuing to expand, offering satisfying, lucrative long-term careers with an exceptional amount of job security.

4. A Company Culture that Cares

At Brooks Rehab, we are committed to excellence through working together as a team with one mission. Some of the main company values that guide us include:

  • Accountability: We honor our commitments by providing timely responses and follow-ups. We also take full ownership of any situation, and ensure that we remain committed to our patients until they reach their highest level of recovery.
  • Compassion: Everyone in our center is treated with kindness. We ensure that we understand each situation by listening well to what the patient says. We genuinely care about those in pain, and demonstrate genuine empathy to comfort them.
  • Innovation: Workers at Brooks Rehab strive to be innovative and create new ideas that help the facility accomplish its mission. Being creative also helps us analyze success and errors to find improvement.
  • Teamwork: All of our employees work together to produce optimal outcomes.
  • Integrity: Brooks Rehab values integrity. This means that we are honest, professional, and straightforward with our communication.

5. Continuous Learning

A job at Brooks Rehabilitation includes working with the latest cutting-edge innovations in physical therapy technology. We never tire of learning new techniques to continue improving while offering the best medical care services available. Engaging in a collaborative exchange of ideas with other companies helps us gain more experience and expand our knowledge.

6. Healthcare Benefits

Employees at Brooks Rehab enjoy multiple healthcare benefits, including medical insurance including dental and vision coverage, and life insurance. Team members’ medical coverage also includes insurance for prescription medication.

7. Health Savings Accounts

Our healthcare benefits also include tax-advantaged flexible spending and health savings account options, allowing team members to set aside a portion of their paycheck to cover medical and certain other expenses — like childcare — that won’t be taxed with the rest of their earnings. Brooks Rehab even contributes to employees’ health savings accounts (HSAs)!

8. Paid Time Off

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we understand that the medical profession can be taxing, and requires unique or changing work schedules. That’s why we offer our employees plenty of paid time off — and paid holidays! — so they get the rest and respite they need, along with time to spend with loved ones.

9. Assistance Programs

Members of the Brooks Rehabilitation team are entitled to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides for multiple counseling sessions for a range of topics including emotional health, parenting, elder care, financial planning and more. Brooks Rehab also encourages continuing learning by offering tuition reimbursement for higher education to those team members with a year or more of employment, and our Brooks Cares Team Fund provides support for qualifying employees in case of financial emergency.

10. Learn from an Experienced, Caring Team

Employees at Brooks Rehabilitation are dedicated to working together to provide the best patient care. With some celebrating more than 30 years working at Brooks Rehab, they have ample experience to share with the new employees.

Here is a list of some of the workers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families at Brooks Rehab:

  • Minerva Gonzalez, Nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Lenny Pasicolan, Nurse Manager at Brooks Hospital University Campus
  • Genevieve Olaguivel, Director of Nursing at Brooks Bartram Crossing
  • Marie Washington, a nurse at Brooks Bartram Crossing
  • Jasmin Reyes, BSN, R.N., CRRN, W.C., Wound Care Nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation
  • Shauna Taylor, RN, BSN, Charge Nurse at Brooks Rehabilitation
  • Steven Gambala, LPN at Brooks Rehabilitation
  • Angela Jordan, RN, BSN, CRRN, Nursing Supervisor at Brooks Rehabilitation
  • Barry Henley, Brooks Rehabilitation’s 2020 of the year
  • David “Bubba” Callaway, driver at Brooks Rehabilitation
  • Sara Beth Gerard, an employee of the program that assisted her through her recovery
  • Michael Braun, MSOT, OTR/L, BCPR at Brooks Rehabilitation

Join the Brooks Rehabilitation Team Today

Brooks Rehab continues to offer career opportunities to new graduates, foreign registered nurses or physical therapists wishing to work in the U.S. Visit our career page today to learn more about working at Brooks, and the benefits you could experience as a Brooks employee.